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McDonnell Carpentry completed a huge renovation of my new store Resonance, and I am very pleased with the results. Tim is excellent at listening to my requirements, in addition to being conscientious in following through on every last detail to make everything just right. His employees are professional, polite and accommodating, and all the subsequent jobs I've needed Tim's help with have been handled quickly and with ease. I have always felt the invoicing to be fair.

I'm exceedingly happy to have such a great company I can trust with all my upgrade and maintenance work.
Thank you Tim and company!


My husband and I have worked with Tim on 2 builds, one new and one rehab. Both projects were extensive. He always had creative and cost effective solutions to construction problems and design obstacles. His industry contacts and material resources allowed us to complete the home of our dreams. I would not consider doing a job without Tim's help. He knows the business and how to get the job done.
- Susan S.

McDonnell Carpentry previously worked for Timothy Findley (author) and Bill Whitehead at 70 Ontario Street condominiums. Once the job was complete Timothy Findley sent our company 14 books all signed to Tim with an anecdote on the cover of each book.

The following quotes were addressed specifically to Tim:

  1. For Tim, With our Thanks for your help in making our new home in Statford-This is the story of where we were for thirty-five years, Yours, Tiff & Bill
    (Written in "From Stone Orchard, A Collection of Memories")

  2. For Tim, With Thanks, From Tiff.
    (Written in "The Wars")

  3. For Tim, With Thanks yet again for all you've done, Tiff
    (Written in "The Piano Man's Daughter")

  4. "And our great thanks for all you've done for us! Bill & Tiff"
    (Written in a Birthday card given to Tim)